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Nik Bentel reshapes chalk to create architectural drawing toys for children.

New York designer Nik Bentel has reimagined the humble chalk stick as toys for budding architects and designers can make hashes, dots and circle patterns.

Bentel, who grew up with a family of architects, developed the Chalk Drawers set as a playful way for children to engage with architecture and design. Currently on display in the store at New York’s New Museum, the collection comprises three unusually shaped versions of the typically cylindrical tool. Each creates markings based on those found in architectural drawings: lines, circles and dots. “The chalk drawers are architectural drawing toys made entirely out of chalk,” said Bentel in a statement. “They are designed to create original patterns that are geometrically precise.” “The reason for this is to give the user tools to create the three fundamental building blocks of drawing,” he added.

Among the collection is the Circle Drawer, shaped like a spinning top with ridged sides. It is designed to be rotated across a blackboard to create five concentric lines. The spines of the Line Drawer are splayed so that its marking is more like a squiggle. Bentel said that this tool could also be used to draw musical staff lines. Bobbles protrude across the surface of the round Dot Drawer so that when it is rolled over a surface it makes dotted patterns, similar to those attributed to concrete in architectural drawings